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Ford Horizon is a bespoke platform with single sign-on functionality that takes the audience away from the usual zoom-type call and into a designed and curated experience with rich interactivity, wrapped around next-level content.

Imagination’s brief was to create a platform to reach and engage audiences in new and exciting ways virtually. With the insight that many others are simply re-producing physical events virtually in a Covid world, or using traditional corporate video, the response was to embrace the virtual medium and all it has to offer.

The debut experience is a technical deep dive into their new connected in-car infotainment system – Ford’s next generation SYNC, first to be seen inside their new all-electric car, the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

The broadcast presentation element is presented from an Immersive XR studio, utilising cutting edge visual effects techniques.


Built on the Unreal Engine, the virtual environment Imagination created brings content to life in completely new ways. Real-time graphics and augmented reality blend with real presenters to transport viewers into a new virtual world.

The programming has been developed as a series of one-hour experiences hosted on the new Ford Horizon platform including a 30-minute presented show and a 30-minute media Q&A, with audiences joining one of 6 event slots.

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