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Innovation Labs is a project designed to transform people’s perception of Jaguar and Land Rovers brand commitment to technological innovation in the most surprising, emotive and thought-provoking ways. Creating a vision that is relevant to a global audience and future-proofed for both today and tomorrow.

For the last 5 years I have been the Creative Director of this huge programme of installations and experiences. Each year new innovation and product stories need to be told and it has been my job to tell these stories in the most innovative and compelling ways imaginable - using various mediums from film, graphic signage, physical installations, AI, VR, AR and 4D immersive experiences.


Each year we typically start the process by generating as many concepts as possible, each aligned to a specific story or message. Working closely with our strategy teams we look to make each idea work as hard as possible. Last year we had 8 stories to tell, each one to be it's own installation. In order to sort through upwards of 30 different concepts I decided to gamify the process of idea selection with our clients by creating a card game loosely based on Top Trumps. It was a huge success and lots of fun, demanding the attention and engagement of all stakeholders as the perfect hand of ideas was agreed.

The next steps typically see me leading the UX exploration and prototyping phases before full storyboards are crafted and experience design complete. I work closely with 3D and 2D designers to ensure the experience is as good as it can be as we bring in the production teams to build walls and build apps.

There are simply too may activations to talk about individually so please enjoy the three case study videos on this page.

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