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The feline Jaguar is an amazing cat, agile like all of the cats, but powerful and fierce. They really do epitomise a Jaguar car and the drive that you feel. The cats are majestic and beautiful and designed to be the dominant species of their environment. We aimed to create a narrative that the player is part of, and feels an emotional connection to. Our idea was the personification of the car as the cat in an interactive, responsive experience.


Our key principles above, attract, engage and amplify were:

  • An activity requiring a degree of skill, making a player a participant.

  • A merging of action and awareness

  • Clear goals, a feeling of winning

  • Direct, immediate feedback

  • Concentration on the task at hand

  • A sense of control

  • A loss of self-consciousness, believing in the cat’s world

  • An altered sense of time, immersed in the moment

The ROE (Return On Experience) is a deeper understanding of Adaptive Dynamics technology and through a post-experience sharable takeaway gaining a broader brand reach and engagement over social media channels.


As you enter the interaction zone, the jaguar looks you in the eyes and displays initial aggression before walking towards you, reacting to your every move. The cat surprises players with unexpected movements, gamified interactions and a magical augmented reality moment where the jaguar joins players in the real world, captured on film, printed as a takeaway and shared on social media. 


We teamed up with the world's best to implement leading edge, never attempted before mix of technologies to produce the world's first AI-powered-feline-big-cat interactive attraction.

The world, and or the channels of communications have become vast and broad in the last decade, with the emergence of new and innovative ways of consuming content now beyond what we could have imagined 15 years ago. Technology is now a leverage for creativity and without even the basic understanding of technology you are limiting your creative toolkit. This project would not be possible without the technology that is available today, and is used to enhance the emotional impact this activation provides as an experience.

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